Saturday, August 25, 2007

What About Supplements to Lose Man Boobs?

Beware of Man Boobs Pills

I sure if you have been researching how to get rid of man boobs at any length, then I am sure that you have come accross Man Boob reduction pills. While seemingly promising, they might also be dangerous. Gynexin Alpha Forumla is a prettt popular one. There packaging claims they are safe, but like most supplements, they have not been required to go through any FDA testing. Herbal supplements can be dangerous because they can counteract or mix dangerously with other medications you may be taking. You also may be allergic to something and not know it.

Guggulsterones is an active ingredient in the Gynexin. This ingredient is used to maintain cholesterol levels, and helps to boost thyroid activity.In a stucy performed at the U. of Penn and printed in the Journal of the American Medical Assoc., one researcher found that guggulipids might raise the concentrations of LDL in the blood. LDL is linked to heart disease.

So long story short, be sure to speak with your doctor before you try any herbal remedies to avoid any negative or possibly fatal effects.


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