Monday, June 25, 2007

Deciding How to get Rid of Man Boobs

The issues of how to get rid of man boobs is a big one for those men who feel the need to do something about a fatty chest area. Depending on the cause of the male breast enlargement a man’s health care provider can determine the best approach. If it is merely the result of being excessively overweight a strict diet and exercise program that is closely monitored by the physician would go a long way toward eliminating the problem. It may not be a quick fix but as the pounds burn off it will be a gratifying process to watch.

If the cause of the enlarged breasts is the weight gain before a teenage boy has his growth spurt then there is nothing that can be done but wait. You cannot hasten growth and no matter how unhappy a teenager may feel when he hits that growth spurt it will quickly disappear. If the cause is medication based then the answer will be to try to change medications or go without if possible. This is not always possible depending on what condition is being treated by the medication. The most common treatments are for hypertension, heart problems or ulcers. All of these conditions require a patient to remain on medications so unless there is a different one that does not promote the excessive weight gain something else must be done.

The third possibility is liposuction. The plastic surgeon will make a small cut under the nipple line and remove the excess fat. It can be done on an outpatient basis as it is considered minor surgery. It is done so neatly that the scars should not be seen. Once the fatty tissue has been removed the patient rests at home. They will have no man boobs when they return to work after a few days.

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How to get rid of Man Boobs

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